Property Clearing

When working on a new construction project or handling expansion for a pre-existing structure, you may have to handle additional property clearing before the lot is ideal for your needs. Nature has its own way of being an obstruction in your potential construction building. Though shrubs, bushes, and smaller trees can be easy enough to remove on their own, when it comes to more sizable obstacles like giant boulders or tree stumps that cause uneven terrain, you may need more heavy-duty assistance. This is where we come in at D. Williams Fence and Gates.

Our trained staff is skilled in handling all your land clearing needs. When it comes to lifting the heavier objects out of the way, there's no need to do it on your own. Let us do it for you. With our expertise in all things in prepping for your site, we can efficiently dispose of the trees and brush that are blocking your way for construction.

D. Williams Fence and Gates looks forward to assisting you with all your construction site preparation in the Palatka, FL area. For more on what we offer, including our fence company services, contact us today at (386) 385-6760 for more information.